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By the end of the thirty-second month, your toddler will probably:

Mental Development of 32 month old child

  • Be able to express his needs and wants verbally
  • Identify a friend by naming him
  • Recognize small details in picture books

Visual Development of 32 month old child

  • Watch and imitate other children

Growth of 32 month old child

  • Weigh about 13.3 kg (girl) or about 13.7 kg (boy)
  • Be about 92 cm in height (girl) or about 93 cm in height (boy)

Motor Development of 32 month old child

  • Be getting better at throwing a ball in overarm style
  • Be able to use simple tools to cut and shape play dough

Social and Emotional Development of 32 month old child

  • Use language to try to get her own way
  • Be just starting to learn how to get along with others
  • Prefer a predictable routine related to sleeping, eating and other basic activities


Toddler Development Tracker details are provided to give indications on the expected changes during different months, however, these changes varies from child to child and the mother needs to consult her child's doctor, if she has any concerns.


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