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By the end of the twenty-ninth month, your toddler will probably:

Mental Development of 30 month old child

  • Know some nursery rhymes
  • Play purposefully with dolls, cars, and other toys
  • Like to listen to music and dance
  • Start to learn to count
  • Know some colors

Visual Development of 30 month old child

  • Recognize tiny details in pictures

Growth of 30 month old child

  • Weigh about 13.0 kg (girl) or about 13.5 kg (boy)
  • Be about 91 cm in height (girl) or about 92 cm in height (boy)

Motor Development of 30 month old child

  • Be able to climb on basic playground equipment such as sliding boards
  • Be able to build a tower of 7 or more blocks
  • Hold a pencil in her preferred hand
  • Copy a circle and a simple line
  • Not yet have good control of all her muscles—she may squeeze too tightly or let go too suddenly

Social and Emotional Development of 30 month old child

  • Still rely on parents for reassurance
  • Show strong emotions when frustrated
  • Shift from one emotional extreme to another, sometimes without warning
  • Still be too inexperienced to be able to make choices well
  • Still require a bedtime ritual before going to sleep


Toddler Development Tracker details are provided to give indications on the expected changes during different months, however, these changes vary from child to child and the mother needs to consult her child's doctor if she has any concerns.


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