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By the end of the twenty-eighth month, your toddler will probably:

Mental Development of 28 month old child

  • Be aware that he/she is either a boy or a girl
  • Start to understand the explanations that you give when you say "no"
  • Talk aloud to herself for ease in formulating words into thoughts

Visual Development of 28 month old child

  • Develop her visual skills as she plays with blocks or fingerpaints

Growth of 28 month old child

  • Weigh about 12.7 kg (girl) or about 13.2 kg (boy)
  • Be about 89 cm in height (girl) or about 90 cm in height (boy)

Motor Development of 28 month old child

  • Enjoy her ability to move around so much that she will be unhappy when you restrict her
  • Like to turn knobs
  • Be able to play games and sing songs that require actions

Social and Emotional Development of 28 month old child

  • Be fearful of some things or situations, but unable to express her feelings well
  • Sometimes be jealous of, and show signs of anger or frustration toward, a sibling
  • Desire to have some control over situations and experiences


Toddler Development Tracker details are provided to give indications on the expected changes during different months, however, these changes varies from child to child and the mother needs to consult her child's doctor, if she has any concerns.


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