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By the end of the twenty-fifth month, your toddler will probably:

Mental Development of 25 month old child

  • Listens closely to other people's conversations
  • Know many parts of the body
  • Point to and name common objects

Visual Development of 25 month old child

  • Recognize himself in a photograph
  • Enjoy looking at detailed pictures

Growth of 25 month old child

  • Weigh about 12.2 kg (girl) or about 12.8 kg (boy)
  • Be about 87 cm in height (girl) or about 88 cm in height (boy)

Motor Development of 25 month old child

  • Be able to hold a small glass with both hands
  • Open boxes to see what is inside
  • Dance to familiar music

Social and Emotional Development of 25 month old child

  • Play near other children but not yet be ready to share toys
  • Occasionally bite others when angry or frustrated
  • Be striving for a sense that he is his own person


Toddler Development Tracker details are provided to give indications on the expected changes during different months, however, these changes varies from child to child and the mother needs to consult her child's doctor, if she has any concerns.


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