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By the end of the twenty-first month, your toddler will probably:

Mental Development of 21 month old child

  • Ask for food, toys and other familiar items
  • Make spontaneous noun and verb combinations, such as "eat cracker"
  • Know how to use the word "yes"
  • Start to use deductive reasoning, which is the ability to apply a principle learned previously to a new situation.  For example, she might pull a chair over if she is going to try to get something that is out of her reach

Visual Development of 21 month old child

  • Be able to focus on objects near and far

Growth of 21 month old child

  • Weigh about 11.6 kg (girl) or about 12.2 kg (boy)
  • Be about 83 cm in height (girl) or about 85 cm in height (boy)

Motor Development of 21 month old child

  • Take off an article of clothing
  • Fold paper in imitation of someone else's actions
  • Put things together

Social and Emotional Development of 21 month old child

  • Pull another person along to show him something
  • Be very self-centered
  • Express his feelings more frequently, both verbally and through negative behavior


Toddler Development Tracker details are provided to give indications on the expected changes during different months, however, these changes varies from child to child and the mother needs to consult her child's doctor, if she has any concerns.


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